Roaming on EE

Free EU roaming for our customers

Finally news we can all agree on

Now all new, upgrading and existing customers, plus those switching plans mid-contract, can use their allowances across the EU. This includes pay monthly, pay as you go, tablet and mobile broadband.

Take your minutes, texts and data with you to 53 destinations on our 4GEE Max plan, including Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, USA and countries across Europe. Choose a Max plan >

Going abroad soon? Check your destination >


Why you should choose roaming on EE

Great 4G coverage, at home and away

We bring you 4G in more places in the UK than any other network, as well as 4G with 125 networks in 76 countries around the world.

No nasty surprises

Get usage alerts when you’re near the end of your data allowance and never go over at home or abroad thanks to our data cap.

More inclusive roaming destinations

EE plans have more inclusive destinations than any other UK network. Whether you’re off to Spain or jet-setting to the US, we’ve got you covered.

Choose the right plan for you

Pay monthly

Take your allowances even further with our Max plans.

Pay as you go

Use your pay as you go packs in the EU and earn Free Boosts while you're away.

Mobile broadband

Use your data allowance across Europe on all our mobile broadband plans.

Travel Data Pass

Going outside Europe? Use a Travel Data Pass for better rates in 11 destinations around the world

If you’re not on a new Max plan, choose our Travel Data Pass for the data you need in the far-flung destinations you love. Use your phone abroad in our most popular destinations outside of Europe, just like you do at home.

It gives you a massive 500MB data for a fixed price per day £5 in America & Canada, and £6 in 9 other countries. So there’s no need to hunt around for WiFi. And no chance of an unexpected bill when you get home.

Check if you're set up

By texting ROAMING to 150 or by calling +44 7953 966250 if you're on a mobile broadband plan

Roaming help and support

Get more with EE Extras, just for you when you pay monthly
Free Apple Music
Only EE gives you an amazing six free months of Apple Music
Free EU Roaming
Use your minutes, texts and data across the EU at no extra cost
Data Caps
Never go over your data allowance by accident, so you’re always in control of your spending
UK & Ireland Call Centres
All your calls are answered in the UK and Ireland, so it’s easy to get stuff sorted
WiFi Calling
We’ll keep you connected in even more places. Wherever there’s WiFi, you can call and text on EE.
Data Boost
Boost your EE pay monthly mobile plan data allowance by 5GB each month when you take EE Home Broadband